Natalie McKee, Au.D.

Owner of BNA
B.S. & M.A. from Northern Illinois Unversity
Au.D. from Salus University


Arica Rock, Au.D.

B.S. from Eastern Illinois University
M.S. from Illinois State Unversity
Au.D. from A.T. Still University


Stacy Chalmers, Au.D.

B.S. from Illinois State University
M.S. from Unversity of Arizona
Au.D. from Salus University


Sara Hanley, Au.D.

B.S. from Illinois State University
Au.D. from Rush University


Office Staff


Barbara McKee

Insurance Specialist
Bachelor’s Degree from Strayer University


Kelly Chesnut

Administrative Assistant


Why an Audiologist?

An audiologist (Au.D.) specializes in evaluating & treating patients of all ages who have experienced changes in their hearing. Au.D.’s hold Masters or Doctoral degrees from accredited universities and are experts in the prevention, assessment, and non-surgical treatment of hearing difficulties. Due to their education, certifications, and licensure, Au.D.’s are the most qualified professionals to perform hearing checks, provide rehabilitation services, and refer patients for medical treatment.

At BNA, our audiologists are trained to check a number of important indicators and then analyze this data to generate your Personal Hearing Profile. This profile describes the current state of your hearing and, based on your results, recommends a personalized set of options in a wide range of technology levels.

Here’s a more detailed comparison:
why an audiologist

The Monkey Story

The idea is based on the ancient Japanese proverb of the three wise monkeys, which is often expressed: see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. We saw a connection between that proverb and 3 common neck-up checkups.

You visit an optometrist to get your eyes checked (see no evil), you visit a dentist to get your teeth checked (speak no evil), and you visit an audiologist to get your hearing checked (hear no evil). All 3 are important, yet the ears are often the most over-looked of the bunch.

So the monkeys are a reminder to remember your ears. You get your eyes checked & you get your teeth checked. Come to BNA & get your hearing checked too.