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In February 2016, we opened our brand new office on Eldorado Road in Bloomington. This ground-level, easily accessible, state-of-the-art facility not only features the best technology for accurately evaluating your hearing, but it also doubles as a local art gallery of sorts. Instead of generic, dull prints often stereotypically displayed in other practices, the walls of BNA showcase bold, vibrant artwork from local artists.

Why? Because just as seeing a piece of art can trigger an emotional memory, so too can hearing a piece of sound. Art and audiology, then, serve similar purposes: reconnecting you with emotions often long forgotten. So as we approached the interior design of our new office with our brand principles in mind, we realized that taking a genuine, personal interest in each patient meant linking sight and sound together in a dramatic way. The result is a new, hi-tech, state-of-the-art space that surrounds patients with color, literally brightening-up their hearing journey.

In short, it doesn’t feel like a doctor’s office. And when you combine this uniquely inspiring, comfortable atmosphere with the medical expertise of our audiologists (and our personal experiences with hearing challenges that inform our genuine, personal, patient-focused approach), we’re confident there’s a reason we’ve been named the Best Audiologists in Bloomington-Normal by Pantagraph readers multiple years in a row.

We hope you’ll choose BNA. We truly are “hear” for you.