BNA Patients in Their Own Words

For over 30 years, Bloomington Normal Audiology has been one of the community’s strongest advocates for hearing education. Of the three common “Neck-up Check-ups” you can receive (eyes, teeth, and ears), your hearing is often the least understood and therefore most neglected. BNA, therefore, has a long tradition of filling that knowledge gap by raising awareness through various educational methods designed to make our friends and neighbors in Bloomington-Normal better and smarter stewards of their hearing.

Recently, we sat down with some of our patients for a video shoot, and what was envisioned as a simple testimonial series quickly became much more. As our patients began sharing their personal hearing journeys, it became clear that their engaging, often emotional, stories represented the next step in our educational outreach. Because while hearing from our five Doctors is beneficial (and we’ll certainly continue pursuing those methods), it’s often more powerful and relatable to hear directly from the patients themselves, in their own words.

Each episode of Hear My Story gives you an insider’s perspective on what it’s like to live with hearing challenges, but more importantly, serves as a great source of encouragement and motivation to take the next step in your own hearing journey. Watch the latest stories below, and then reach out to schedule your appointment at BNA.

See the most recent episodes below:

Bruce Boeck

In the series premiere of BNA’s new educational video series, Hear My Story, Bruce Boeck shares his experience over a lifetime of mechanized hearing, how it impacts his profession as a therapist and counselor, and offers advice to anyone hesitating to take the first step toward addressing a hearing issue.

In the video, Bruce says, “Being able to hear is something most people take so for granted. For example, there was a point, I wanna say I think it was last Fall. And I was looking out the window listening to the crickets. Just nice background noise. I was getting ready for bed and I was looking out the window. Just savoring the sound. And I took my aids off… and the crickets were gone. It’s such a simple sound. We take it for granted.”

Bruce is a patient at Bloomington Normal Audiology working with Dr. Natalie McKee, and we thank him for sharing his hearing journey in such a captivating, insightful way.

Watch the full story below: