As of May 2024

When you go to a doctor, you typically pay a fee or co-pay for the time you spend with doctors and nurses. Depending on your visit there may be additional costs for specific tests and procedures. And you may also have to go pick up and pay for a related prescription. All of these can be paid out of pocket, or reduced based on your type of insurance.

Diagnosing and managing hearing loss is very similar.

At BNA, we are a private practice with four doctors of Audiology on staff. If this is your first time considering hearing devices to help manage hearing loss and/or tinnitus, think of the initial cost in terms of the following:

Test or Exam

Communication &
Functional Needs

Devices and

Fitting and


  • Hearing Test or Exam
  • Communication & Functional Needs Assessment
  • Devices and Accessories
  • Fitting and Setup
  • Ongoing Care

After you have your devices, we offer services to monitor your hearing and devices over time and keep your devices in working order. When you come in for regular device service we will make sure you are still satisfied with your devices and they are meeting your communication goals. We’ll also use this time to review whether you need additional adjustments to settings or if it may be time to repeat an exam.

The pricing information that follows are Good Faith estimates prior to any insurance benefits as of May 2024. It also does not include costs that could be associated with any complications or unknown special circumstances. Prior to any appointment your anticipated costs will be shared with you both verbally and in writing.

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In Network Insurance Providers

Insurance coverages and eligible providers can change over time.

It is your responsibility to determine whether you have out-of-network benefits, whether you require prior authorization or a referral prior to services being provided, and whether audiology services and/or hearing aids are covered through your plan.

The information below is to the best of our knowledge at this time, and will still be subject to verification after you provide the specific details of your plan at the time we take your information. Referrals may still be required even for in-network status, so we recommend you give us a call or stop by prior to any appointments. We’re happy to talk through it with you.

As of May 2024, Bloomington-Normal Audiology is considered In-Network for the following providers. The prices you see afterward are the full cost before insurance is applied, since each insurance policy is different:

  • All Kids (diagnostic services only)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Choice (BCBS Choice)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO (BCBS PPO)
  • Health Alliance
  • Health Alliance Medicare
  • Health Alliance Simplete 2
  • Health Alliance Simplete 3
  • United Healthcare Hearing
  • United Healthcare Hearing AARP
  • Medicaid (diagnostic services only)
  • Medicare
  • Meridian (diagnostic services only)
  • Molina (diagnostic services only)


Out of Network

We can still see you as a patient even if we aren’t in your network. You will have to pay in full and afterward we will submit the paperwork to your insurance company on your behalf.

List of Services and Products

What follows are costs and descriptions for each service available through our private practice. This does not consider an individual’s insurance situation. For costs known to be covered by Medicare, those are included as well.


Tests and Evaluations

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Diagnostic Hearing Exam

Starts at $150 Out of Pocket or $37.79 for Medicare Patients
This cost covers the time with your doctor and their expertise for your hearing test and review of results. Device recommendations and costs are separate. Your hearing exam answers the questions: Do you have hearing loss in one or both ears? What type of hearing loss is it? Is it mild, moderate, severe, or profound?

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Specialized Audiometry Testing

$16-40 each, based on insurance
In addition to the comprehensive hearing evaluation, more acute testing procedures are available based on a patient’s unique situation and concerns. These may include: High frequency thresholds, Eustachian tube function, speech in noise, and Acceptable Noise Level testing. Speech in noise and Acceptable Noise Level testing are automatically included in the Communication & Functional Needs Assessment below, or available as a la carte procedures.

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Tinnitus Consultation

$150-450 Out of Pocket Cost (before eligible insurance is applied) $37.79 – $204.51 for Medicare Patients
This cost covers the time with your doctor and their expertise for your tinnitus specific hearing exams. Device costs are separate. Your tinnitus consultation answers the question of the level of severity you’re experiencing, whether you would be a good candidate for a device to manage it, and/or non-device therapy options based on changes in habits.

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Communication & Functional Needs Assessment

$330 per appointment
If you do have hearing loss and/or tinnitus that you’d like to manage, what is your unique situation for each ear, what are your communication needs/goals, and what are the personalized recommendations for you to consider in order to manage it? This goes much deeper than the hearing evaluation and addresses management options beyond amplifying sound. This cost covers the time with your doctor and their expertise to provide a comprehensive assessment and create a care plan that may include additional testing, referrals, and prescription for hearing aids. Actual device costs are separate.


Devices & Accessories

Ear icon

Earpiece Impression

$50 per ear
Some individuals prefer customized earpieces that are formed to fit their unique ear shape. These can be used to make musician’s monitors, custom hearing protection, or custom hearing aids. An impression requires a clean ear canal and includes the canal and outer ear.

Appointment icon

Initial Hearing Aid Fitting & Follow Up Plan

$800 per patient

This charge is non-refundable, however the cost of the devices are refundable/transferable if returned/exchanged within 60 days.

This is for initial set-up, programming, orientation, and follow-up while acclimating to your devices in the first 60 days. Once you receive your hearing devices, they may require or desire some tweaking of the fit and the settings with your devices to get everything just right. This cost covers an unlimited amount of appointments and adjustments within the first 60 days.

Hearing aid icon


$800 – $3,463 per ear
The cost of a hearing device varies greatly depending on your specific needs and preferences. Below are examples of the various tiers that you will be able to choose from as part of our Communication & Functional Needs Assessment. The ranges include the device and the standard 2-3 year manufacturer warranty.

Entry Basic Standard Advanced Premium
$1,599-1,999 $2,299-3,199 $3,699-4,199 $4,899-5,299 $6,099-6,399

Ranges displayed are per pair

Gear icon

Custom Earpiece (if applicable)

$100-$250 per ear
Instead of a dome with a device worn behind the ear, some patients opt for a customized earpiece that manufacturers create to your ears’ specifications. The Earpiece Impression mentioned previously is what we provide to the manufacturer to create your custom earpiece; however the actual manufacturing process and earpiece has an additional charge.


Hearing Maintenance & Management Services

After your initial fitting and adjustments, our office provides the following services and products for the long term care of your hearing, devices, and accessories.

Hearing Aid Check $50-85
Hearing Aid Adjustment $40-225
Cerumen (Wax Build Up) Management & Ear Cleaning $45 per ear
Manufacturer Warranty Extension (repair/loss/damage) $195 per device (availability dependent on manufacturer)
Earmold Impression $50 per ear
Domes $10 per package + tax
Wax Guards $7 per package + tax
Disposable Batteries (6 pack) $5 per package + tax
In-House Rechargeable Batteries $25-65 per battery + tax
Hearing Aid Repair (In-House) $15 – TBD
Hearing Aid Repair (Receiver Only) $130
Hearing Aid Repair (sent to manufacturer) $275-350

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